Membership Card

LibXol comes with capability to print, issue and reissue customized membership cards to students and faculty members.

Library staff can issue customized library cards to students on the spot. Each card would have a picture of the card holder and a unique barcode for quick and easy scanning. Applicant can either have the photo taken in the library upload an existing one. LibXol automatically crops the image to the right size. Membership forms are available online. Applicants can themselves fill out applications forms with relevant information and upload their pictures. LibXol presents all online applications to the designated library staff to their review and approval.

If the application is satisfactory and complete, library staff can print the membership cards by one click of the button. LibXol automatically then send a notification (email or SMS) to the applicant for collection of the card.

The barcode on the card provides a quick and effortless access to the member’s checkout history and status.

Lost cards can be reprinted and charged for on the spot.