Member Dashboard

Member’s dashboard is a vital part of LibXol resource center. It provides all the information about library that could be of interest to any member. Member Dashboard is smartly design to provided all the information in glance. The Dashboard presents more commonly used features in the forefront of the interface, whilst the more occasional, or advanced, search facilities are available as options.


Several search environments are available allowing you to choose the ones that will best suit your users: simple, advanced and guided. Apart from all the usual search capabilities you would expect from a modern OPAC, such as boolean, wildcard, truncated, loose, phrase, raw, numerical range and date range searching, LibXol also offers a variety of display and output formats, enabling users to define and sub-select their own results manage the way they are presented and forward the details via email and direct to the dashboard of other members.

Contact the Librarian

Members can contact staff for a variety of different reasons right from their dashboard. Librarian can also be contacted through email. Both options come with a drop-down list of subjects for the user to choose from e.g. General enquiry, OPAC help request, book purchase request, book reservation, submit a Book Review, etc.

Member Facilities

LibXol Online has a wide range of facilities for users. On the searching side they can save and share their searches and items lists. They can review items or star-rate them and reserve or request them. They can see their current loans, loan histories, charges; items can be renewed on line. They can also set their preferences. Users can be grouped with a different range of facilities being made to each group.


The Dashboard provides Facebook styled communication facility. Members can form groups, send messages, share information and do lots of other things.


An easy to use system enabled you to keep your users informed of your latest news. The library calendar can also be permanently displayed as a reminder of opening hours.


Calendar provides information of the library events to the members. Members can also mark the calendar with their planned and scheduled tasks and share them in a group such as group study planning.

Summary Functions List


Reader Information

SDI (Selective Dissemination of Information) available


Floor plans

Book Reviews