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Journals / Serials Management

The LibXol Serials Management module is tackle complex management of serials without any hassle or challenge.

This module has two main parts: Cataloging and Management.


Cataloging serials can be broken down into three distinct levels: Titles, Issues and Articles.

  • Title level deals with the publisher information, which tends to remain the same throughout the life of the serial.
  • Issues level records the frequency of journal publication and some of the specifics of each release, e.g. issue sub-titles.
  • Article level is concerned with cataloging the content (articles) of
  • Supplier records.

Abstracts for each article can be entered manually, or downloaded from several third-party sources. If this is prohibitive, then Keywords may be added so that users will find and identify specific articles as part of a normal OPAC search.


The Cataloged data is then used by the acquisitions facility to place, chase and receive journal orders. LibXol takes care of all financial aspects of the ordering process, so that you can analyze expenditure and be sure to stay in budget.

The day-to-day tasks of dealing with journals are made simple in LibXol. Subscriptions can be renewed automatically, or manually by the administrator.

Summary of Features