Fine Management

Fine Management enables library staff to automatically charge for overdue items, maintaining an ‘account’ for each borrower. Different fine rates can be set for different types of borrowers and/or items. It is possible to exclude entire borrower or item categories from Fine Management altogether if necessary. Fine Management can be set by the minute or hour, as well as by day, and overnight Fine Management can be applied to items that should have been returned to the library before closing.

Each borrower’s account can be checked easily at the issue desk, where full or part-payment of the fine can then be undertaken.

Library staff can record the payment method and any notes regarding the transaction (e.g. reasons for a fine waiver). Borrowers can check their outstanding Fine Management from their dashboard.Certain controls can be introduced, whereby borrowers with outstanding Fine Management over a certain amount can be automatically barred from reserving and/or borrowing items until the fine amount is paid off below the level specified by library staff. Maximum fine limits can be set both by borrower and item category, with an optional late payment penalty if borrowers still don't pay up!