LibXol includes dashboard web pages that display, at a glance, a wide range of information about library’s operations. These dashboards are made possible by the ubiquity of web-based information visualization tools combined with the ever-increasing availability of data sources. Naturally, you’d want to take advantage of these tools to provide insight alongside some “wow” factor.

Every library user gets his personal dashboard to view information that interests him. A librarian’s dashboard, for example, displays all the information he needs in glance including books orderd, deliveries, circulation, Fine Management, etc.

A student’s dashboard, on the other hand, may display new arrivals according to his subjects, books checked out with due dates, books overdue, make advance bookings, Fine Management, etc.

Vendors dashboard are very helpful in managing vendors and making new purchases. They make request for quotations, quotations, goods delivery notes, acceptance, rejection, invoicing payment, etc. very easy and quick.