Advance Bookings

LibXol Advanced Bookings offers the facility to book any items for specific periods in the future. Advanced Bookings can cater for more than just books. The advance booking module lets students reserve not just books but other library facilities as well such as rooms and equipment. These facilities can be booked by the hour or by the day. Students and staff members can make a request for an advance booking of library items and resources from their online dashboards. The Booking Organizer will display all the available slots for all items on a daily, weekly and monthly calendar. A member can then make his reservation in the available slots.

Summary of the Features

  • Enables users to reserve items between two specified points in the future.
  • Bookings can be applied to timed loans as well as stock with day-based loans.
  • Timed bookings facilitate booking rooms, equipment or similar fixed resources.
  • Tentative bookings can be made, requiring confirmation by a specified time or date.
  • A buffer period can be applied to allow a reasonable time for the return or retrieval of an item.
  • An optional release date/time can be set so that items not collected or taken up can be re-allocated.
  • Log of all bookings placed is retained for statistical analysis.
  • The information controlling bookings is defined as an extension to the circulation rules.
  • A booking calendar displays future bookings for each item.
  • Bookings can be applied to non-loan items, e.g. reference stock or facilities that would not be available for circulation ‘on demand’.