Librarian can Administration module in LibXol includes numerous features including:

Global Change Utility

Sometimes it may be necessary to make a change to a number of records in LibXol, for example if a Cataloger has misspelled a word several times or if a group of items has changed in status. LibXol has a powerful Global Change Utility which prompts the user to enter criteria for selection and then allows a new value to be specified before making the change to the selection automatically. A similar global delete facility is also available.

Authority Control

LibXol allows librarians to define lists of words or terms which can then be imposed on a particular field, to help maintain consistency. These authority lists offer many benefits by avoiding misspellings and unwanted synonyms. Most commonly used authority lists are:


Extensive security features are built into LibXol to make it a secure software system. 256 bit encryption comes standard with the software.


Menus and mouse operation are great when getting to know the system or for more obscure operations run less often, but for many of the regular and familiar tasks it is possible to assign shortcut or 'hot' keys to speed up the whole process dramatically. This facility comes handy in areas such as issuing and returning, where not only do single key presses move you between modes, it is even possible to assign a barcode to the process as well.


Correct spelling in a database system is vital. Any errors might lead to users not finding the required results in the OPAC and management reports could miss records if they are not correctly spelled. LibXol has a useful spellchecker for use in data entry fields, especially in Cataloging. There is also a Thesaurus facility in Cataloging which helps to dramatically increase the chances of an OPAC user finding results from a search.


LibXol takes away much of the strain of stock-taking with some fast and sophisticated tools. Used with barcode scanners and/or data capture devices, it is possible to move quickly through stock recording items, before LibXol produces a list of missing and excluded items. It is not necessary for all stock to be returned to the library prior to stocktaking because LibXol can take account of loans and various other exceptions.


LibXol has an in-built calendar facility which is available throughout the system where relevant. For example, in Advanced Loans or Acquisitions when collections and deliveries might be expected.

User Rights

LibXol lets the administrator create users and define their rights. No user can go beyond his defined role and every user is restricted to his domain only.